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Smart People Learn from Their Mistakes.

But the Real Sharp Ones Learn from the Mistakes of Others.

Our Mission

READ-THIS-FIRST.org has a very simple mission — to help people navigate the “big decisions” in life.

The big decisions are all games with high-stakes.

On the one side, you invest a lot of time, money & effort  to get what you want — and in some cases absolutely need.

On the other side, entire industries staffed by experienced professionals have just one goal in mind — to make as much money from your transaction as they possibly can.

Your experience is limited.  Most of us buy only a few houses or a few cars during an entire lifetime. We see the doctor a few times a year and consult an attorney — well, as little as possible.  But when we do need help in these areas, we can all use more confidence in making the right choices.


Learn From the Mistakes of Others.

You Can Never Live Long Enough to Make Them All Yourself.

Advice in any these areas is everywhere.  And, in all truth, no one source has the “best advice” that you can follow for a guaranteed successful outcome.

READ-THIS-FIRST takes a different approach.

We know that “Mistakes Matter Most“.  And if you can avoid the common mistakes, you are guaranteed to come out a lot better in the end.

The great thing about the “common mistakes” is that they are all very well defined.  And agreed upon. There is no doubt.  Some paths are just “sucker plays”.  And as you learn the “wrong moves’, you also begin to see how to make the moves that are right for you!

About Us

groupThe Editorial Team at READ-THIS-FIRST are pretty much regular people like you.  We are neither wealthy nor struggling — which means when we set out to make a major purchase decision we generally can’t afford the very best, but we don’t settle for the cheapest either.  And the money we spend matters.

So does the time. We are all busy, working people,  with families, friends, jobs & ourselves needing time and attention.

Because we are so average, if we mess up on a major decision.  It hurts. A lot. And we all have — at one point or another.

The one thing we all have in common are many years in the “how-to” publishing world.  Several decades all added up.  And what we know is this.

Advice comes easy.  It’s everywhere.  But no one approach works for everyone.

That’s we we call the READ-THIS-FIRST a series of “How-NOT-To” guides.

Because mistakes matter most.  Everyone, with a little foreknowledge, can eliminate the most crippling mistakes. And everyone can come closer to succeeding with the big decisions in life by simply eliminating the worst outcomes.

We hope you enjoy — and profit from — READ-THIS-FIRST guidebooks.



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